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Bill Bowman Chairman of the Board Ex. 106
James M. Smith President & Sr. Trust Officer Ex. 103
John Potter Vice Chairman of Board Ex. 131
Clarissa Herren Sr. Vice President Ex. 108
Stephen Wilson Vice President & Cashier Ext. 134
Cynthia Dean Assistant Cashier Ext. 113
Stoney Fortenberry Vice President - Agriculture Ext. 107
Charles Lloyd Installment Loan Officer Ext. 111
Teresa Allison Marketing & Trust Operations Officer Ext. 104
 James Lyle  VP Lending, IT & Information Security Officer  Ext. 130
 Teresa Warf  Vice President of Data Processing  Ext. 128
 Jim Youngblood  Vice President - Trust Officer  Ext. 106



James M. Smith Lee Bowman
Bill Bowman John H. Potter
David S. Leech Jeff Owyoung