Estate Planning


Making well planned provisions for your estate is like doing a big favor for your heirs in advance. The tax codes and legal requirements surrounding distribution of an estate are complex and confusing at best and in most cases are a burden to survivors.

A Personal Estate Plan managed by McGehee Bank's Trust Department helps provide the maximum benefits of your assets to your heirs by minimizing the bite of estate taxes and providing the expert financial management expertise of experienced trust officers.

As a part of these services, McGehee Bank's Trust Department can serve as the executor for your will and efficiently and professionally handle the details of probate, inventory and safeguarding of assets, collection of debts, filing of tax returns, satisfaction of your obligations and distribution of your assets according to your direction - relieving your heirs of these unfamiliar tasks.

IRA's are just a part of McGehee Bank's Retirement Services. A McGehee Bank Trust Officer can show you how to take maximum advantage of retirement income oportunities and investment services to help you maintain a comfortable income during your retirement years.