Phone: 870.222.3151



Bill Bowman

Chairman of the Board

Ext. 106


James M. Smith

President & Sr. Trust Officer

Ext. 103


John Potter

Vice Chairman of Board

Ext. 131


Clarissa Herren

Sr. Vice President

Ext. 108


Stephen Wilson

Vice President & Cashier

Ext. 134


Cynthia Dean

Assistant Cashier

Ext. 113


Steve White

Vice President - Agriculture

Ext. 107


Charles Lloyd

Installment Loan Officer

Ext. 111


Teresa Allison

Marketing & Trust Operations Officer

Ext. 104


James Lyle

Information Technology Officer

Ext. 130



James M. Smith

Lee Bowman



Bill Bowman

John H. Potter



David S. Leech

Bill Elliott



James N. Smith



  Jeff Owyoung